Silver Queen, Fenton
This pitcher sold in 2009 for $200. I don't know much about the pattern and have seen only one other pitcher, which sold in 1994 for $25. While it was a cannon-ball shaped pitcher, the silver with marigold decoration was much the same. The above tumbler sold in 2011 for $45. I've seen the pattern attributed to Fenton but cannot confirm it. Here are a few other records I have of sales listed as this pattern:

Water Set, 5 pieces, tankard

Marigold, 220 (2000)

Water pitcher, straight sides

Marigold, 200 (2009)

Water pitcher, bulbous

Marigold, 75 (2000)


Marigold, 45 (2012), 10 (2015), 15, 20 (both 2019)

Marigold, enameled decor, 20 (2014)

Updated 7/4/2021

Here is an entirely different Silver Queen water pitcher, this time in a tankard shape. It sold in 2013 for $475.

In 2019 another pitcher in the tankard shape along with two tumblers sold for $200.