Ruffled Rib, Dugan
These spittoons, with the ribs on the interior, are found in a variety of top configurations; 3, 4, or six ruffled, 2 sides up, 3 sides folded in, and 4 sides folded in. Most collectors consider these to be Dugan, but there is no definitive evidence for attribution to any company. I've only seen these spittoons in marigold. They sell at auction for between $100 and $200. Those with the more exotic tops, like that at top right, would no doubt bring more. The example at the right, in aqua opal, was listed as Ruffled Rib at the 2003 auction where it brought $875. However, the pattern is clearly different, with a larger base and fewer ribs, so it's not the pattern traditionally referred to as Ruffled Rib.

In 2018, two examples of the multi-rib pattern shown at the top sold, both marigold. One was a two-sides up version that brought $135 and the other a tricorner that sold for $140.

In 2021, an example like that at the top left sold for $100.

This does not appear to be the same pattern as Marion Hartung listed in her Book One as Ruffled Rib

In 2022, marigold spittoon, tricorner and 4 inches tall, sold for $110.

These two pieces are from the collection of Carl and Eunice Booker: a small bowl
with three edges folded over and in a shape I would call a wanna-be spittoon.
Amazing, isn't it, what inventive shapes glass makers could come up with.

Updated 15/8/2021