Roses and Ruffles, Consolidated Glass

Updated 3/3/2022

Yet another Gone With the Wind style lamp with the two large globes. The bottom portion holds the kerosene, the top covers the shade. Usually found in marigold. The example shown here was offered for sale at aucion in 1999 with a starting bid of $1,000. There were no takers--possibly because of the weak iridescence.

In 2022, a marigold lamp with crow's foot in the globe sold for $275.

In 2021, a marigold on moonstone with spider cracks in the globe, sold for $350.

In 2020, a marigold lamp with two crows-feet cracks sold for $450.

In 2019, two marigold examples sold for $400 each.

In 2018, a red example with a hairline crack sold for $500. No indication was given for the age.

In 2014, an example listed as marigold on moonstone sold for $1,000 and in 2016, another in marigold on moonstone brought $500.

In 2005, a marigold on milk glass example brought $1,300. In 2009, a marigold example sold for $800. In 2013, marigold examples sold for $700 and $1,050.

Also see Sunken Hollyhock and Regal Iris.