Roll Type
"Roll" is a name applied to any number of similar patterns that have the appearance of a stacked set of flat bulbous shapes.

The marigold pitcher with the attached handle shown at left sold in 2010 for $10. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

The two vases at the the left sold in 2010. The squatty (6-inch) vase on the left in smoke brought $115 and the taller one (9 1/2 inches) in marigold sold for $50. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

In 2020, a 5-inch vase in blue sold for $90 and a 9 3/4-inch vase in smoke brought $300.

Some candleholders exhibit the same effect: Five Bubbles

There are many similar roll-type patterns. This marigold water set with the rings of heavier marigold around the circumference of the separate rolls sold in 2017 for $25.
Here are photos of a couple of vases sent to me by King Hoppel. Again, I don't know the maker but they fit the criteria of Roll-type items.

Updated 12/19/2020