Rekord, Eda

Updated 9/29/2021

Also known as Diamond Wedges. This Eda vase is currently known in only one size, approximately 8 inches tall, and one color, blue. Glen and Steve Thistlewood report in their "Carnival Glass from Europe Encyclopedia" that the pattern has also been found in blue bowls. No other carnival shapes in this pattern have yet (as of 2020) surfaced.

Glen and Steve note that there is also an Inwald pattern named Rekord, which is totally different and has no relationship to the Eda Rekord pattern.

The vase shown, photo courtesy of Remmen Auctions, sold at the WWW.CGA convention auction in 2005 for $400. Subsequent auction sales for these blue vases: $300 (also 2005), 475 (2007), 250 (2012), 200 (2016), 375 (2020), 170, 445 (both 2021).