Photos from Readers

Occasionally readers of this Web site send me photos of interesting or unusual pieces.
Here are a few.

This photo of a Daisy and Button small vase was sent to me by Rebecca Charles in 2021. The ruler shows it to be less than 5 inches tall, so it is tumbler size. However, the upper rim would be impractical for drinking from, so it must have been intended as a small vase. Would make a nice desktop holder for pens, pencils and other similar shaped items. It is inscribed on the base with the initials RGH, meaning it was done by the Hansen Brothers.
In 2020, Scott Sheffield sent me this photo of his wife's blue Kittens toothpick holder with 5 ruffles. I have no others of this particular configuration in my auction sales database going back to 1994.
In 2020, Elizabeth Doody of Australia sent me this photo of her Diving Dolphins rosebowl in aqua. In my database of auction sales going back to 1994, I have no other aqua rosebowls listed. There was one listed as a compote and one listed as a bowl, but no others listed as a rosebowl.
Dave Noyes sent me this photo of his Star and Fan decanter and matching shot glass. The decanter, with stopper, is 10.5 inches tall, the shot glass 2.5 inches tall.

These photos of a blue Fenton Peacock and Urn nut bowl were set to me by Tony Pacherille. What's unusual about them? The bowl is three inches tall--unusual for this pattern. Few sell that are high enough to be considered nut bowls.
This photo of two Four Pillars vases was sent to me by Mark Kessler in 2019. He purchased these on eBay a while back. Both have damage to the feet. What's unusual about them? The color: they're in celeste blue, a rare color in the pattern.
A God and Home rarity, this one an amethyst tumbler from James Johnson. Sent to me in 2019. I have no records of any in this color selling at auction over the last 25 years.
In 2019 Jeff Schleede sent me this photo of a recent find. Typical Twist Bobeche candlestick but in a light grey satin finish with floral pattern on the base.

These photos of a small bowl called Threaded Petals were sent to me by King Hoppel in October, 2019. The bowl was in a batch of Carnival he had purchased. The back pattern is separately named Diamond Wheel.
This photo of a Daisy Dear Jack-in-the-Pulpit small bowl in amethyst was sent to me by Jeff Schleede. He believes it is the only one in that color known at this time. Could well be. I have no records of any JIPs in that color selling in the last 25 years.
Michael Deptowicz sent this photo of his Constellation compote--in amber of all colors. Michael said he had not heard of this color in the pattern. I checked my auction database of sales over the last 25 years and of the more than 200 Constellation compotes listed, none were in amber. Quite a find.
This photo of a four-piece water set was sent to me by Greg Lockhart. He called it Enameled Lily as he could find no reference to any similar pattern. He checked with Barb Chamberlain who said they have one in their collection and use the same name. Tom Burns had also sold a Pitcher in the same pattern that he also named Enameled Lily.