Coronet (Princeton), Inwald

This 6-inch grape washer/vase sold for $200 in 2014.

The Coronet pattern was produced by the Czechoslo-vakian company, Josef Inwald. While a number of shapes were produced in crystal, the carnival shapes that have surfaced thus far are vases in three sizes: 6.5-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch. There is also a 6-inch vase-like shape identified as a grape-washer. A bowl is reported. The vases all have the registration number 735621 moulded into the edge of the base. They are known in two colors: a deep marigold, and a shimmering yellow iridescence that Inwald called Irise.

The first carnival vase to surface in this pattern was found by John Britt in 1998. Not being able to identify it, he named it Princeton. Several years later Glen and Steve Thistlewood discovered its attribution and its original, and contemporary, name.

Vases, 6-inch, Marigold
400 (2020)

Vases, 8-inch, Marigold
125, minor damage (1999)

Vases, 10-inch, Marigold
200 (2007), 250, 225 (2020), 140 (2021)

Catalog page from Josef Inwald A.G., Prague, Czechoslovakia catalog reprinted in Bill Heacock's Collecting Glass Volume 2.

Last updated 11/24/2021