Princess Lamp

Updated 12/18/2022

A lot of controversy surrounds the origins this lamp. The base is known to have been made by US Glass and is sometimes found with a cloth shade. Yet, the example shown here is typical with a Lined Lattice vase that has been used as the shade. Lined Lattice, of course, was made by Dugan. It's entirely possible that a distributor bought both the bases and the vases and combined them for a special order.

Hartung Book Nine: Princess Lamp

Hartung Book Ten: Complete Princess Lamp


Purple, 110, 120 (both 2018), 750 (2019)

Marigold, light, 425 (2020)

Lamp base only

Purple, 5-inch base, height 6 1/2 inches,
   70, 180 (both 2022)