Pretty Panels, Diamond
I would characterize this pattern as more stretch glass than Carnival, though they are often found in Carnival Glass auctions. This celeste blue tumbler, for instance, sold for $40 at a Seeck online auction in 2014. The pattern is usually attributed to Diamond Glass.

Tumblers, whether celeste blue, ice green, or vaseline, tend to sell in the $30 to $50 range.

In 2015, a marigold water pitcher with enameled decoration sold for $130.

In 2017, a marigold tumbler with enameling brought $10. In 2019, at the Bob Smith tumbler auction, there was a sale of an enameled marigold tumbler for $5.

In 2020, an ice green water pitcher with lid sold for $145 and a tumbler in ice green brought $25.

This set, with a pitcher that did not have the usual lid, brought $125 in 2006. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

Updated 12/18/2022