Prayer Rug, Fenton

Prayer Rug was produced in custard glass and few of them were iridized. The pattern has a ring of fabric-like texture around the edges and four scarf-like shapes hanging toward the center. Bowls usually have weak iridescence. Plates are especially rare and also will have weak iridescence.

Hartung Book Eight: Prayer Rug


Marigold, 45 (2000)

Marigold on custard, 100 (2021), 100, 130, 180 (both 2022)

Marigold on milk glass, 35 (2007), 550 (2015)

Pearlized (no marigold oveerlay), 150 (2021)

Plate, 7 inch

Marigold on custard, 375 (2012), 1,100 (2018)

Marigold on milk glass, 350 (2011)

In 2020, Sean Ward sent me this photo of his Prayer Rug bonbon. He said it appears to be pearlized. I believe this is the one that sold in 2021 for $150.

Updated 12/18/2022