Pillar and Drape, Northwood

Updated 6/7/2021

Sometimes just called Drapery, this shade is invariably found in marigold on moonstone, though it may be identified as milk glass or even peach opal. Most examples have a round opening as these two, but some are found with a square opening. Two examples sold for $55 each in 2002. Another sold in 2004 for $35 and a marigold example brought $20 in 2005.

In 2013, marigold on moonstone examples sold for $30 and $35 while one listed as peach opal sold for $35 and in 2014, marigold on moonstone examples sold for $35 and $40.

In 2015 a shade listed as marigold on milkglass sold for $23. In 2016 a marigold shade sold for $25.

In 2020, two shades in marigold on moonstone, listed as large and small, sold for $75 and $55 respectively. Another listed as small sold in 2020 for $45.

In 2021, a set of three shades in marigold on moonstone sold for $45 and a pair listed as marigold opal sold for $40 each.