Penny Match Holders

These are vary rare pieces, apparently made at the time that matches were common for lighting pipes and cigars. I'm aware of only about half-a-dozen. In 1998, two examples like the purple on the left sold at auction for $900 and $1,400. In 2009, another in purple sold for $1,600 and in 2012 one sold for $1,000. In 2014, another brought 1,500. In 2017 one sold for $1,100. In 2018, a similar example sold for $1,050. In 2022, another brought $1,350.

The marigold example on the right sold in 2003 for $400.

I have no idea who made either style although I suspect Imperial made that on the left.

Hartung Book Six: Penny Match Holder

Updated 8/16/2022