Peacock Garden, Fenton

Only a few of these vases have been reported in Carnival Glass, although they are found in greater numbers in noniridized colors. The one on the left is white opal and is in a private collection. On the right is a contemporary example in amethyst. These should have the Fenton logo. Note that the new ones are also found with the flare like the old version on the left as well as whimsied into various shapes.

Marigold, 5,500 (2014), 3,500 (2022)

French opal, 2,200 (2000), 1,400 (2016)

Among the few iridized Peacock Garden vases is this one in amber opal. The photo was sent to me by Mitch Mitchell, who had acquired it from Tom Burns in the early 1990s.

    Below is a partial list of items and prices from a Fenton auction in 2019 by Wroda Auctions
Vases from the 1920s and 1930s

Amber opal, 4,500

Brown slag, 7 reported, 125

Brown slag, 8-inch flared, 7 known, 275

Chocolate slag, 9 3/4 inch, 250 (2022)

Crystal Satin, 10-inch flared, less than 50, 195

Fiesta Red, less than 10, 195

Flame, flared, lest than 15, 350

French Opal, 8-inch, about 100, 400

French Opal, 10-inch, about 100, 1,600

Mandarin Red, 8-inch, spittoon top, 195

Milk Glass, 10-inch, spittoon top, 295

Mongolian Green, 8-inch flared, 90

Nutmeg, 8-inch flared, 2 known, 330

Red, 8-inch flared, less than 10, 160

Vases, unspecified dates

Blue, 90 (2021)

Green, 100 (2021)

Purple, 95 (2021)

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Vases from the 1970s to 2000s

Amethyst, black, flared, decorated, 2,050

Amethyst, straight top, 12 made, 175

Blue marble, 8-inch, possibly only one, 175

Amethyst, straight top, 12 made, 175

Burmese, 8-inch, straight top, 2 known, 195

Champagne, 8-inch flared, heavy opal, 75

Chocolate, 10-inch, black and gold decor, 725

Cobalt satin, 8-inch flared, only one, 375

Burmese, 8-inch, straight top, 2 known, 195

Dusty Rose, 8-inch, ruffled, 85

Ebony glossy, 10-inch flared, only one, 475

Emerald Green, 8-inch napkin whimsey, only one, 825

Favrene, 8-inch straight top, 3 reported, 600

Lotus Mist,, 2 points up, 2 made, 1,900

Pink opal, 50 (2022)

Purple, 8 1/2-inch, 60 (2022)

Purple slag, 9-inch, straight top, 205

Red, ruffled top, 120 (2020)

Red, 8-inch, spittoon top, less than 50, 185

Sapphire, 80, 90 (both 2022)

Teal, 8-inch, flared, 24 made, 725