Eat Paradise Sodas, Fenton

Paradise Sodas are crackers and this piece was a premium that Fenton made for the manufacturer of those crackers, apparently for use at Christmas time. The complete lettering reads "Season's Greetings, Eat Paradise Sodas." Only in 6-inch plates.

Hartung Book Five: Eat Paradise Sodas

Amethyst, 225, 325 (both 2021), 130, 160, 200, 250, 275 (all 2022)

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, by John Resnik, 1989.

"The Paradise Roller Mills came into existence during the mid 1800s, long before Modesto, California was even a city. Occupying the block between 12th & 13th, at the corner of L Street, this compnay's primary function was the grinding of whole grain into flour. The term 'Roller Mill' describes the specific process used, and is a variation on grist mill.

Very little information was available about the history of this company, but apparently they expanded into producing cracker products around the turn of the century. The exact cause of the demise of this company is not known, but there is no mention of it's existence after 1919. A major fire was reported during the summer 1919, and though no specific losses were named, this could be the cause.

Addendum: This is probably the most common of all the advertising pieces. Given this wide spread availability, a case can be made for the theory that this article was given away with each carton of crackers sold, over some undefined Christmas period.

The phrase 'Eat Paradise Sodas" becomes infinitely more clear, once one is aware that sodas refers to "crackers."

Updated 11/29/2022