Optic Flute, Imperial

A seldom seen pattern--only a few have sold at live auction in the last 15 years. They include these three examples. Upper left: A stemmed spittoon-shaped compote in marigold that brought $165 in 2003. Upper right: A spittoon shaped vase in marigold that sold for $30 in 2010. Directly above: A purple 7-inch bowl that brought $65 in 2010. Note that this variant bowl does not have the usual fluted sides.

In 2013, a stemmed spittoon-shaped compote in marigold sold for $60 and a 7-inch bowl in purple brought $40.

In 2014, marigold compotes brought $5 and $30, while a spitton shaped compote in marigold sold for $75. A purple ruffled compote brought $45.

In 2017, a 7 1/8-inch bowl in purple sold for $20.

In 2018, a red spittoon shaped compote sold for $120.

In 2020, an example like that top left but spread out, sold for $10.

In 2022, a purple 6 3/4-inch ruffled bowl sold for $60 and a purple 7 1/4-inch bowl brought $40.

Updated 5/102022