Norris N. Smith, Fenton

The lettering on this pattern reads "Norris N. Smith Real Estate & Insurance, Rome Ga." A somewhat scarce advertising piece.

Bowls, about 5 1/2 inches, ruffled or round

Amethyst, 550 (2021), 325, 375 (both 2022)

Plates, about 6 inches

Amethyst, 550, 675 (both 2018), 275 (damage, 2021)

Plates, handgrip

Amethyst, 700 (2017), 2,900 (2021)

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces,
by John Resnik, 1989.

"Rome, Georgia is a small city, population 30,000, located in the northwestern portion of the state. In 1913 when Mr. Smith was distributing these pieces, the population was something under 1,000; thus his telephone number of 616.

Apparently, this article was utilized to promote the advent of this enterprise sometime during 1913. The original location of the business was at 5 East 3rd Avenue. In 1920 Mr. Smith moved his undertaking to his home at 905 East 2nd Avenue. After 1922 there is no longer a record of this business."

Updated 12/13/2022