Nola (Pompei), Inwald
This pattern, by the Czechoslovakian maker Josef Inwald, has incised zig-zag shapes on panels. The pitcher was photographed while in Nola Smocker's collection in 1994 and was named by Richard Cinclair for her. The dresser set pieces are courtesy of Galen and Kathi Johnson. Note the tumbleup in the dresser set. The tumbler from the tumbleup is sometimes found alone and mistaken for the tumbler belonging to the water set. See the water set tumbler in the catalog page below.

The only reported piece to sell publicly was a 5 1/2 inch tall cologne bottle in marigold that brought $105 in 2001. In 2005, on eBay, a group (tumbleup, 2 colognes/perfumes, covered box, pin tray, and ring tree), sold for $760.

Below are results from an auction in 2020, all in marigold

Cologne bottle with stopper, 6 1/2-inch, $140

Perfume atomizer, 6-inch, base nick, $110

Perfume bottle, 5 3/4-inch, $70

Pin tray, 5 inch, $55

Powder jar, 2 3/4-inch square, $350

Ring tree, 3 1/4-inch square, $130

The tumbler shown in the upper left of the catalog page above, 8750, with the same diamond-shaped base as the pitcher, is shown in four sizes in a catalogue extract on Glen and Steve Thistlewood's site.

Catalog page from Josef Inwald A.G., Prague, Czechoslovakia catalog reprinted in Bill Heacock's Collecting Glass Volume 2.

The Nola vase is impressive in both its size and weight. It stands 10 inches tall and weighs 3.5 pounds. Purchased on eBay in 2006 by Bob and Sandy Sage of Texas, it is one of only two known (at this time) in the 10-inch size. The other 10-inch vase had been purchased a few months earlier by Glen and Steve Thistlewood. A smaller, 7.5-inch version of the vase has been found in Europe. Glen and Steve report that a 12-inch version is shown in a Markhbeinn catalogue of Inwald's glass. The pattern has also been called Panelled Twigs. Photo courtesy of Sandy Sage.

The Athina Vase, by Hortensja of Poland displays some of the same Art Deco influences of Inwald's Nola (Pompei) vase. Although vastly different in size and weight, both patterns have similar intaglio designs and geometric elements. The Athina vase has been found in three sizes, 4.25 inches, 6.5 inches, and 8 inches.

Updated 12/13/2022