Reissues of Older Patterns
Contemporary glass can be divided into three catagories; reissues (or reproductions), new patterns, and fakes. Reissues are items that are made from original molds, new patterns are carnival made from new molds (not made during the classic era), and fakes are items that are made to deliberately fool the buyer into thinking they are purchasing an older and presumably more valuable piece.
Acanthus, Fenton
Apple tree, Fenton
Beaded Shell
Butterfly and Berry
Butterflies bon bon
Cape Cod
Cherry and Cable
Cherry and Lattice
Cherry Chain
Christmas Compote
Chrysanthemum chop plates
Dahlia pitchers and tumblers
Diamond and Rib vases, Fenton
Daisy whimsey vase, Imperial
Drapery (Curtains), Fenton
Fancy Flowers, Imperial
Fantail, Fenton
Fine Cut and Grape rosebowl
Four Seventy Four
Frolicking Bears
Fruits and Flowers
God and Home pitcher, tumbler, mug
God and Home for Dorothy Taylor
Good Luck souvenirs
Gothic Arches vase, Imperial
Grape and Cable humidor bowl
Grape and Cable lamp, Wetzel
Hanging Cherries
Hansen glass
Harvest Flower
Heavy Grape, Fenton & Imperial
Heavy Iris
Hearts and Flowers, Fenton
HOCCGA souvenirs
Hobstar Nucut vases, Imperial
Hobstar cracker jars
Holly, Fenton
Homestead, Imperial
Imperial Grape
Imperial Daisy whimsey vase
Imperial Rose
Inverted Strawberry tumbler repros
Inverted Strawberry souvenirs
Inverted Strawberry, miscellaneous
Inverted Thistle
Lions, Fenton
Loganberry vases, Imperial
Milady, Fenton
Octagon reproductions
Ohio Star contemporary
Open Edge, Fenton
Orange Tree
Pansy, Imperial
Peacocks vases, Fenton
Persian Medallion, Fenton
Poppy relish, Fenton
Poppy Show vases
Rambler Rose pitcher
Ripple vases, Imperial
Scroll and Flower Panels vases
Scroll Embossed
Stork and Rushes
Strutting Peacock rosebowl
Sunflower pin trays
Swan, pastel
Swan three handle vase
Tiger Lily