Mayflower, Imperial

These shades were made not only in the electric lamp version shown here but also in the wider version made for gas lamps. The shade is in the collection of Rich Jennings.

In 2012, a marigold Mayflower shade in a small desk lamp sold for $85. In 2013, a marigold shade by itself sold for $65.

In 2014, a marigold shade sold for $40 and in 2015 a gaslamp shade listed as emerald green sold for $290 and a shade listed as smokey sold for $140.

In 2016 a marigold electric shade sold for $20.

In 2018, a green gas style shade sold for $70 and a green electrick style brought $55.

In 2021, a shade listed as emerald green sold for $675.

This smoke Mayflower shade attached to an electric base sold in 2019 for $160.

Updated 7/24/2019

This marigold gas shade sold in 2011 for $65. A similar example brought $15 in 2015.

A gas shade like this, but in green, sold in 2016 for $45.

In 2016 a pair of gas shades listed as helios sold for $30.