Mary Ann, Dugan
Found in two versions, both about 6 1/2 inches tall. The one referred to as a loving cup has three handles (above left) and is quite rare. The two-handled examples are called vases (middle). There are two variations of the vase: one with eight scallops around the top of the vase and eight scallops around the edge of the base, and one with ten scallops around the top and ten scallops around the edge of the base. On the right is a reproduction, made from the original ten-scallop vase mold. This one is red and easy to identify as new, but they are also made in amethyst, which could be confused with the classic version. Note that the bottoms of the bases on the old vases are not iridized, whereas they are on the contemporary versions.

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Loving cups, 3 handles

Marigold, 80, 95 (both 2020), 100 (2022)

Pink, check in handle, 140 (2017)
Vases, 2 handles

Amethyst/purple, 90 (2020), 65 (2021)

Aqua, 55 (2015), 30 (2016)

Lavender, 70 (2015)

Lime green, 175 (2003), 45 (2015)

Marigold, 10, 25, 30, 40 (all 2021), 15, 30 (both 2022)

Updated 12/13/2022