Manhattan, US Glass
This vase and the liquor set are the only pieces I've seen in this pattern. The vase is shown in Marion Hartung's book #10, listed as a souvenir vase. It is 6 1/2 inches tall. Courtesy of Mike and Linda Cain. The liquor set, with 4 glasses and underplate, sold in 2008 for $2,700. A marigold 6 1/2-inch vase with a seam crack sold for $110 in 2004. A light marigold 6-inch plate said to be in this pattern sold in 2012 for $15.

In 2019, a marigold shot glass in this pattern sold at the Bob Smith tumbler auction. It brought $5.

In 2021, two miniture tumblers, 2 1/2 inches tall, in marigold, sold for $90 and $110. A 5 1/4 inch vase, like the one above, sold for $550.

In 2022, a marigold vase like that above left, inscribed on the top of the base with "The Hale Baths, Hot Springs, Arkansas," sold for $1,000.

Updated 5/9/2022