E. A. Hudson Furniture, Northwood

Updated 11/29/2022

Typical of the Northwood 6-inch advertising pieces on their Garden Mums blank, the lettering reads "E.A.Hudson Furniture Co." with the address "711 Travis St." below. Scarce.

Bowls, ruffled

Amethyst/purple, 450 (2019), 700 (2021)

Plates, handgrip

Amethyst, 275, 450, 500, 1,100 (all 2021),
   350, 400 (both 2022)

Plates, flat

Amethyst, 475, 600 (both 2020),
   475. 800 (both 2021)

Lavender, blue irid., 1,500 (2009)

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces,
by John Resnik, 1989.

"I love a good mystery. You start with a street name and an intuitive feeling; in this case, Travis and it has to be from the south. You add a memory that Travis was the name of the officer in command of the forces at the Alamo and arrive in Texas. Check the street maps of major Texas cities and on a really fortuitous day, arrive in Houston.

This company was born as C.D. Hudson Furniture Co. in 1897, at 711 Travis St., Houston, Texas. By 1903 Clarence had turned the reins of power over to his son Eugene, and the company became known as E.A. Hudson. In 1923 the business was moved to 1905-1919 Winters St. and became known as E.A. Hudson Furniture Warehouse. The records are unclear as to if a sale or take-over occurred, or whether Hudson simply acquired some partners, but, at this time, the parent name of the company became Reilly - Pyrnes - Hall Incorporated. During the early stages of WW II, E.A. Hudson ceased furniture sales and became a moving and storage facility. After 1953 there is no record of the company."