Horlacher Advertising, Fenton

Updated 12/8/2022

Fenton made pieces in several patterns for Horlacher, including Butterflies bonbons, and bowls in Peacock Tail, Thistle, and Vintage.

Butterflies bonbons

Amethyst, 50 (2017), 60 (2022)

Green, 105 (1996)

Peacock Tail bowls

Amethyst, 45 (2021), 55 (2022)

Green, 35, 40, 85 (all 2017), 40 (2021)

Thistle bowls, ruffled

Amethyst, 85, 105 (both 2009), 60, 90 (2022)

Green, 45, 120 (both 2020), 110, 225 (both 2021)

Vintage bowls, ruffled

Marigold, 25 (2015), 55 (2021)

The newspaper clipping above was reprinted from the January 1979 issue of the HOACGA newsletter. On another page was the text:

"I think most collectors of carnival glass are familiar with this piece of glass as an advertising piece. Some months ago in our newsletter a list of known advertising pieces inscribed on the base was accurately detailed as to color and pattern.

I wonder how many really knew this was a brewery, right here which just was broken up as you see by the article I am enclosing. From talking to people, I find every time you purchased 2 or more cases of beer you received a piece of glass from the company, not chocolate."