Hobstar and Arches, Imperial
Hartung Book Three: Hobstar and Arches
A fairly rare pattern which is only on the backs of bowls. Shown here are a small and large berry from a 7-piece berry set owned by Paul and Kathy Elbe. The pattern is defined by the large hobstars at the outer edges flanked by arches that swoop down toward the base.
James Green sent me this nice photo of his ice cream shape Hobstar and Arches bowl in clambroth. A rare pattern in a rare shape. In 2015, a similar bowl in this color, listed as Crabclaw, sold for $35.
This 9-inch ruffled bowl in purple sold at the 2013 Heart of America Carnival Glass Association convention auction for $275.
in 2022, Edward Cotten sent me this photo of the front of his purple ruffled Hobstar and Arches bowl. While there is no pattern of course, the photo shows the wonderful range of colors in the iridescense.

Updated 5/3/2022