Heavy Web, Dugan

A large, curious pattern with a web or drapery design on the interior. Known only in peach opal. The pattern is known in six shapes: four bowl shapes, (round, eight-ruffle, square, and banana boat), chop plates, and handled baskets made from the ruffled banana boat bowl. All these heavy, substantial pieces were made from the same mould.

However, two different moulds--Morning Glory and Grape Cluster--were used as back patterns.

Despite the wide variety of shapes that were produced, using two different back patterns, very few of these pieces are known. Bob Grissom was able to determine, through many discussions with collectors, that as of 2014:

There are only about fifteen bowls known, with the banana boat being the most scarce. The numbers of Morning Glory and Grape Clusters back patterns on the bowls are about even.

There are six chop plates known. Three have the Morning Glory exterior and two have the Grape Clusters exterior. The exterior of the sixth is unknown.

There are two handled baskets known, at least one has the Grape Clusters back. A third handled basket is rumored.

Hartung Book Eight: Heavy Web

Bowls, all peach opal, generally about 11 inches across

Round, 1,000 (2021), 700 (2022)

Eight-ruffle, 425, 475 (both 2019), 1,000 (2021)

Square, 1,100 (2018), 625, 750 (both 2022)

Banana boat, 1,400 (2012), 1,000 (2014)

Chop plates, all peach opal. 12 1/2 inches in diameter

Peach opal, 1,700 (2018), 4,250 (2022)

Handled baskets. all peach opal, made from eight-ruffle bowl

Private sales

Above is the seldom seen square version of a Heavy Web bowl.
In peach opal, of course, it sold for $1,050 in 2014.

Above is a very unusual piece in the Heavy Web pattern, a handled basket made from a ruffled peach opal bowl. Courtesy of Larry Yung, Sr. Rare.

Updated 12/7/2022