Hearts and Trees, Fenton
At a glance, this pattern would appear to be Butterfly and Berry--that's what the exterior pattern is. The interior, though, is the seldom seen Hearts and Trees pattern that has heart-shaped leaves on the bottom and trees along the sides of the interior, almost like a forest glen. Closely related to Heart and Vine and Stream of Hearts. These bowls are known almost exclusively in marigold like the one at the left. The only green example to sell in recent years (except in 2017 listed below) is the centerpiece bowl on the right. It brought only $600--probably because of the lack of iridescence in the center--in 1999. A bowl in blue has been reported.

Hartung Book Five: Hearts and Trees


Marigold, 45, 50, 55, 90 (all 2021), 50, 55, 65, 80 (all 2022)

Green, 650 (2017)

Updated 11/7/2022