Both U.S. Glass' Cosmos and Cane and Brockwitz' Curved Star are found with a pattern called Headdress on the interior of some pieces. The Cosmos and Cane version is on the left, the Curved Star on the right. They appear to be quite similar, with the U.S. Glass version taking up less of the surface. The Cosmos and Cane version is found on large and small bowls; the Curved Star on the interior of large bowls and stemmed sugar bowls. It's suspected that Brockwitz copied the pattern from U.S. Glass. Headdress is also found on the Nutmeg Grater pattern, also thought to be Brockwitz.

In 2018 a ruffled 11-inch marigold bowl with no back pattern sold for $15.

Cosmos and Cane
Curved Star

Updated 7/1/2018