Exchange Bank, Fenton

Updated 11/30/2022

These 6-inch pieces were made for the Exchange Bank of Glendive, Montana from Fenton's Garden Mums pattern used for much of it's special order Carnival.

Hartung Book Five: Exchange Bank Plate

Bowl, ruffled

Amethyst, 160, 375, 500 (all 2021),
   250, 475 (both 2022)

Bowl, round

Amethyst, 500, 900 (both 2017),
   850 (2022)


Amethyst, 550, 675 (both 2017),
   600 (2020)

Plates, handgrip

Amethyst, 675 (2014), 525 (2017)

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces,
by John Resnik, 1989.

"The Exchange Bank was founded in 1901, in the 100 block of Merrill Ave., Glendive, Montana. In 1911 the bank was reorganized by a Henry Dion and three other partners (one appropriatly named Banker!) and chartered as a state bank. At this time, the bank had total assets of $75,000, and was paying 5% on time deposits, compounded every six months. At the time the bank became chartered, the name was officially changed to Exchange State Bank, though in practive the "State" was often omitted. Prior to 1900, most banks were privately owned and totally unregulated. This was the case in Glendive, a town formed by the westwward push of the Northern Pacific Railroad, until the momentous event of 1911.

The bank survives today as First Security; although not in the original building, which has gone the way of the dinosaur. Probably a good thing too, as pictures of the original building's interior show only one teller's window and no creature comforts at all!"

Update: In 1989 First Security was acquired by FirstWest Bank of San Francisco. At the time it had assets or $32.4 million. --David Doty