Karen Engel Carnival Glass Auction at American Carnival Glass Association convention, June 2017, by Jim Wroda
The auction of Karen Engel's glass in 2017 was one of the landmark auctions of recent years. Almost 500 lots of the most
cherished rarities--many of which were from the collections of Dale Matheny and George Thomas. Here are a few of the highlights. The average sale price at this auction was more than $2,400.
Photos courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Fenton Absentee Dragon and Strawberry. Lacks the Dragon part of the design. Marigold 9-inch plate. Only one reported. $40,000.   Dragon and Strawberry

Dugan Butterfly and Tulip square bowl in peach opal. Only one known in this color. $17,000.

Northwood Corn Vase, blue. Rare color. $10,000.

Northwood Corn Vase, Pulled Husk,
rope base, green. $20,000

Northwood Corn Vase, Pulled Husk,
rosebowl top, purple. $19,000.

Northwood Corn Vase, pulled husk,
flared top, purple. $9,000

Northwood Daisy and Drape vase in green, rare color. $6,500.

Fenton Elks Bell, 1912 Portland, blue, with album of research on bell and Elks.
Only one known. $15,000.

Dugan Paneled Treetrunk vase in purple,
12 inches tall. $4,400.

Fenton Fern chop plate in marigold. Only one reported. $41,000. Fenton Fern

Dugan Flowers and Spades 9 1/2-inch ice cream shaped bowl in purple. Rare color. $6,500.

Northwood Greek Key ruffled bowl in ice blue. Rare color. $7,500.

Imperial Hattie chop plate in purple. $4,100.

Dugan Heavy Grape 11-inch ice cream
shaped bowl in purple. $9,000.

Fenton Holly plate in aqua opal. One or
two known. $8,500.

Imperial Grape 9-inch low ruffled bowl, blue. Only one known. $8,000.
Imperial Grape

Fenton Indiana State House plate, blue,
one of two known. $12,000.

Fenton Little Daisies 9-inch deep round
bowl in blue. $4,400.

Fenton Lotus and Grape plate, purple, $10,500. Lotus and Grape

Northwood Nippon pie crust edge bowl
in lime green opal. $6,000.

Fenton Orange Tree plate with trunk center, electric blue. $7,000.

Northwood Oriental Poppy water pitcher, blue. $11,000.

Fenton Rustic 23-inch funeral vase,
emerald green. $10,000.

Fenton 18 3/4-inch Rustic funeral vase, vaseline. $15,000.

Northwood Peacock at the Fountain fruit bowl, aqua opalescent. $11,000.

Northwood Poinsettia and Lattice ruffled bowl in aqua opalescent. $10,500.

Northwood Penny & Gentles 6 1/4-inch plate, purple. $20,000.

Northwood tricorner Tornado vase
whimsey in celeste blue. $60,000.

Northwood flared Tornado vase whimsey in wisteria. $25,000.

Northwood Tree Trunk 12 1/2-inch midsize
vase in aqua opalescent. $14,000.

Northwood 14-inch Tree Trunk funeral vase, elephant's foot version, in green. $21,000.

Northwood 19 1/2-inch Tree Trunk funeral vase in ice blue. $31,000.

Tropicana 9-inch vase in amber. $6,500.