Elephant Vase, Jain
Made by the same Indian company responsible for the Fish and Hand vases. There is less detail than in the others. The elephant's head is turned up and the trunk encircles the vase. Marked with "Jain" or "CB". Always in marigold, sometimes with slight differences in the design, and in two sizes--about 7 inches (most common) and about 9 inches. These two photos show the same vase from different sides. At one time they were quite rare and sold in the $500 to $700 range, but recently a number of these quaint vases have been imported, thus diluting the market. In 2002, a group of 16 sold at the same auction, bringing between $25 and $65. In 2002 and 2003 prices had settled to between $40 and $60 but by 2006 had dropped again to about half of that.

To emphasize the price drop, one of these sold in 2020 for $20 and another in 2021 for $15. In 2022, two brought $20 and $35.

Other Jain vases are CB, Panji Peacock and Diamond Heart, and Tribal.

Updated 5/25/2022