Electric Desk Lamps
Paneled Floral shade, $250, 1996Diamond block shade, $225, 2002Marigold on moonstone Dragon's Tongue shades, $275, 1993. Similar one in 1995 for $550.
A sampling of the variety in which these desk lamps can be found. While they often bring good prices, there is no evidence that the lamp stands are as old as the shades. Here are a few more lamp examples:

Small lamp, marigold Astral shade, 65 (2001)

Daisy & Button pearlized milk glass, 350 (2000)

Painted castle scene on gooseneck, 125 (2004)

Painted water scene, 110 (2003)

Painted shades, $400, 2000August Flower shade, $125, 1993.