Enameled Magnolia, Fenton

The Magnolia enameling is usually found on Fenton's interior drape pitchers, but at least two sets are known to be on interior coin dot pitchers. The tumblers have an interior rib and enameling with varying numbers of blossoms hanging down.

Water sets, interior drape

Marigold, 4 pieces, 90 (2014)

Marigold, 5 pieces, 100 (2013), 120 (2020)

Marigold, 6 pieces, 70, 150 (both 2011)

Marigold, 7 pieces, 120 (2019), 80 (2020), 85 (2021)

Water set, interior coin dot

Amethyst, 7 pieces, 1,000 (2000)

Water pitchers, some interior drape

Marigold, 40 (2016), 35 (2020), 50 (2021)

Marigold,Interior drape, with 2 tumbler, 130 (2022)

Marigold, with 1 tumbler, 125 (2011)

Marigold, with 3 tumblers, 60 (2020)

Marigold, with 10 tumblers, 100 (2019)


Marigold, 40 (2015), 20 (2019), 10 (2022).

In 2021, Michael Deptowicz sent me this photo of a water pitcher which appears to be like the decorated Magolia pitcher above but.without the decoration. Most interesting.

Another take on the Magnolia water sets, this time on a tankard-style pitcher rather than interior drape. This marigold 7-piece water set sold in 2014 for $275.

In 2012, Terry Jondahl sent me this photo of his five-inch tall marigold footed vase with enameled magnolia decoration. It's the first I've seen of this shape, and is particularly nice with the decoration. In 2013 he sold it on eBay for $65.99.

In 2014, a marigold 4-piece table set with Magnolia decoration sold for $300. The spooner was a perfect match for this piece, so that's what this must be, rather than a vase.

In 2022, a marigold butter dish sold for $55.

In 2021, Dave Noyes sent me this photo of his Enameled Magnolia Table Set. He had purchased it at a Tom Burns auction earlier in the year and wondered if it could be the same as mentioned in the caption above. I have no way of checking but it could well be.

Updated 11/30/2022