Enameled Daisies (Double Daisies), Fenton

Daisies were apparently popular flowers, or at least the name was. The pattern is sometimes called Double Daisies as the tumblers have just two flowers rather than groups of three or more on the pitcher. The marigold example shown here sold for $135 in 1996.

Water sets, 7 piece

Marigold, bulbous, 300 (1999)

Marigold, tankard, 275 (2014)

Water pitchers

Marigold, 675 (2004), 170 (2016)

Marigold, 3 tumblers, 155 (2014)


Lavender, 65 (2004)

Marigold, 15 (2015), 15 (2019)

Another take on the Daisies enameled pattern, this time on a tankard-style pitcher. This pitcher and three tumblers sold for $155 in 2014. Photo Courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Last updated 11/29/2022

Yet another take on the shape of the water pitcher. This seven-piece set sold in 2019 for $275. The design on the tumblers is a bit different, too.