Comments by Alan and Lorraine Pickup
Dugan's Vintage
From HOACGA bulletin October, 2003

Dugan Glass Company apparently didn't make a complete dresser set like Northwood's Grape and Cable but they did make a couple of items that do fit into the dresser set category that should get more attention than they do. Pictured here are the perfume bottle that has been erroneously attributed to Northwood for some time and a super electric iridescence amethyst powder jar. Both carry the same pattern of a bunch of grapes superimposed on a grape leaf separated by another grape leaf. The powder jar has a ring of beads below the grape pattern and the perfume carries the ring of beads above. But for some reason what continues to escape us, the Vintage perfume bottle is still carried in auction prices realized as Grape and Cable instead of Vintage. For further reference, Carl Burns' Dugan/Diamond Carnival Glass book covers this subject very thoroughly.

Both the powder jar and the perfume bottle can be found in marigold and amethyst. But their glass color scarcity seems to be opposite one another. That is, marigold Vintage powder are quite common but the amethyst jars are really another story. They don't seem to surface that often and when the do, we think that they could be considered a prize in any carnival glass collection. The powder jar has been found in blue and white also but we have never had the pleasure of seeing either color.

The perfume bottle, on the other hand, finds that there are more amethyst examples than marigold examples. But both colors are treasured and are usually incorrectly identified with the Grape and Cable dresser set. Yes, we are guilty of doing that too!

Dugan Vintage

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