Comments by Alan and Lorraine Pickup
Double Star/Buzz Saw
From HOACGA bulletin April, 2005
Here is another one of those patterns that seem to have two stories attached to it. Somewhere along the way some carnival glass writer decided that these two patterns were really one and the same pattern, Double Star. We don't know exactly when and for that matter who made this decision and what the conclusion was based on.

Our Marion T. Hartung book, showing the Double Star pattern, dated 1965, makes no reference to the Double Star and and the Buzz Saw patterns as being one and the same. But then again she stated that "In the absence of any trademark, there is no positive means of identifying the maker." We know today that Cambridge made Double Star and our green water pitcher is signed on the inside bottom with the Near Cut trademark. A few years later in 1978 another early carnival glass writer, Sherman Hand, again made no connection between Double Star and Buzz Saw. He does mention that the water pitcher is signed Near Cut.

Marion's Fifth book, copyright 1975, featured the Buzz Saw cruet on the cover and in her writeup again makes no connection between the two patterns. She again points out that there was no identifying trademark on the cruets. But since then we have found that our small green cruet is indeed signed. Please refer to our January 2004 article in HOACGA monthly journal on how to find the Near Cut on the inside of the small green cruets.

Our problem with all of this is this: Pick up the Double Star water pitcher in one hand (be careful, it is quite heavy) and a Buzz Saw Cruet in the other and carefully study the design elements. In this side-by-side comparison, you will find that they are definitely not the same. We also have the advantage of being able to enlarge the picture to easily study the two with the computer. But this is not really necessary. We agree that they both have a similar style, and both are green, and Cambridge Glass made both patterns. But we really feel this is an example of someone making a bad call and every writer since repeats the same mistake without actually making a side-by-side comparison. This is just our thoughts on these patterns. What do you think?

Double Star
Buzz Saw

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