Cleveland Memorial Ashtray, Millersburg

The Cleveland Memorial ashtray is a commemorative piece that depicts five scenes from the Cleveland, Ohio area. Relatively few are known--in amethyst and marigold. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

The five scenes:
1) Garfield Statue
2) Chamber of Commerce
3) Garfield's Tomb
4) Soldiers and Saiiors Monument
5) Superior's Viaduct

Hartung Book Four: Cleveland Centennial Ashtray

Amethyst, 12,000 (2017), 7,250 (2020), 9,000 (2021)

Amethyst, mold flaw on base, 4,500 (2016)

Amethyst, base polished, 750 (2020)

Marigold, 2-3 known, 7,000 (2012), 15,000 (2013), 15,000 (2022)

Marigold, Katsikas auction, 55,000 (2020)

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, by John Resnik, 1989.

"It has been widely reported that this piece was made to commemorate the Cleveland Centennial (Edwards) or the Centennial of Cleveland's incorporation (Hartung), or to celebrate some unspecified gala event (Hand). Sherman Hand, by generalizing, was closest to the truth. The Cleveland Centennial occured in 1896, long before carnival glass was produced. The Centennial of Incorporation would have been in 1914, two years after the closing of the Millersburg Glass Company; who, I'm sure we we all agree, had to have made this item.

The most likely scenario is that this piece was manufactured to be sold as souvenirs at the Cleveland Industrial Exposition in June of 1909. This event meets all the time requirements, plus has the added benefit of having been a celebration of Cleveland manufactured products. A perfect place sell an item which celebrates Cleveland.

Besides, I spoke to an 89 year old gentleman who remembers his father purchasing one of these ashtrays at the Exposition."

Updated 11/23/2022