Central Shoe Store, Fenton

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, by John Resnik, 1989.

"Simply finding the who, the what, and the where, about these pieces has proven to be an invigorating challenge. Only rarely have I been able to discover the when; and then only in the broadest terms. In this case, however, I know the exact date that this particular item made its debut.

On November 21, 1908 The Central Shoe Store opened its' doors for business. An advertisement placed in the East St. Louis Journal, on the prior day, announced the opening, and stated that souvenirs would be given to all who attended the opening. Apparently business was not good for Messrs C.W. and J.H Byerly of Quincy, Illinois; as their business listing was discontinued after 1911. Incidently, November 21, 1908 was a Saturday."

Updated 1/20/2022

Made from Fenton's Garden Mums blank, this 6-inch advertising piece is found in flat plates, handgrip plates (as shown), and round and ruffled bowls. The lettering reads "Compliments of The Central Shoe Store" with the location, "Collinsville and St. Louis Aves, East St. Louis, Ill," underneath.

Hartung Book Four: Central Shoe Store

Bowls, ruffled

Amethyst, 500 (2019), 550 (2020),
   750, 850, 900 (all 2021)

Bowl, round

Amethyst, 800 (1997), 375 (2017),
   400 (2018), 800 (2021)

Handgrip plate

Amethyst, 375, 400, 475 (all 2017),
   750 (2019)

Plate, flat

Amethyst, 900 (2018), 700 (2019),
   750 (2020)