Cane Panels, Rindskopf

Last updated 8/8/2021

This vase measures 8 inches tall with a 3 1/4-inch base. Although there are many variations of this pattern, Glen and Stephen Thistlewood report that this particular variation of the vase is in the Rindskopf catalog.

In 2007, two marigold vases listed as Cane Panels sold for $130 and $200, respectively. In 2018, another of these sold for $160. In 2021, another marigold sold for $150.

In July 2004, Paul Kirk sent me the following note: "I do not know the origin of this particular vase, but can tell you that the pattern is Duncan's Clover, introduced, I believe around 1905. Probably another instance of American patterns that were copied by European companies in iridized glass."