Cambridge Near Cut Wheat Sheaf, Cambridge
Although commonly referred to as the Cambridge cologne or barber bottle, this piece is part of the Cambridge Wheat Sheaf family. It stands 8 1/2 inches tall and is found mostly in green. Without a stopper the value will be a fraction of a complete example.

Hartung Book Seven: Cambridge Cologne

Comments by Alan and Lorraine Pickup

Cologne bottle, with stopper

Green, 180, 325, 725 (all 2021),
   325, 475 (both 2022)

Marigold, 250, 400 (both 2019),
   1,100 (2022)

The Cambridge Near Cut Wheat Sheaf decanter is quite rare; only two examples, both green, are known at the present time (2018). Neither have sold publicly. The decanter is 12 inches tall, and quite heavy.

Cambridge used the term "NEAR CUT" to describe an extensive line of moulded glass in crystal that very successfully imitated cut glass. Cambridge's "Near Cut" pieces encompassed multiple pattern lines. Many pieces had "NEAR CUT" as part of the mould. The Near Cut pattern #2660 was named Wheat Sheaf by collectors. Cambridge made many shapes in their Wheat Sheaf pattern #2660 in crystal, but only three shapes in carnival.

Both the Wheat Sheaf decanter and the Near Cut decanter are whiskey decanters. Cambridge ads for crystal examples of both decanters illustrate the same shot glasses were intended for both decanters. No iridized shot glasses have turned up.

Cambridge Near Cut decanter

Cambridge Near Cut creamers, mugs, and tumblers

Carnival Treasures, Wheat Sheaf

The Forks cracker jar is considered by some collectors to be part of the Wheat Sheaf pattern.

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