Identifying Busy Patterns

Most carnival glass paterns are faily representational, showing fruit, flowers, birds, and so on, or are geometric, which in themselves can be quite confusing. Some Carnival patterns, however, have so much detail they are hard to distinguish or remember. Here are a few of such patterns placed together for comparison.

Embroidered Mums is tricky to remember because of all the leaves and textures. Easiest to remember by the six chrysanthemum blossoms toward the outer edge Hattie is easiest to remember by the large eight-petal design in the center along with eight other smaller eight-petal designs about half way out to the edge.

Hearts and Flowers has a looped six-petal design in the center with a ring of heart shapes in a circle around the piece. The flowers are small and between the pointy end of the heart shapes. Leaf Chain has a smallish 10-petal design in the center with a ring of six 10-petal shapes around it. The most distinguishing feature, however, are the loops toward the outer edge

Coral has a plain center, Otherwise the most distinguishing feature is band of odd stippled shapes around the piece. Also note the "X" shapes as part of a band around the center Persian Medallion has thirteen of the medallions around the bowl plus one in the center. Seems odd that the designer would choose a number like thirteen.

Updated 5/16/2021