Broeker's Flour, Northwood
Very plain with only the script lettering "We Use Broeker's Flour" across the center. Still, these 6-inch plates are rare and desirable enough to command good prices.

Amethyst/purple, 750, 825 (both 2020),
   1,900, 2,800 (both 2021), 1,500 (2022)

In early 2017, Cecil Roeder sold the plate at the left on eBay for $2,000. Cecil lives about 35 miles from Owensboro, Kentucky, where the flour was made.

Writing in the International Carnival Glass Association Pump in December 2010, Don Chamberlain comments:

This is another six-inch plate that has no pattern other than the lettering, "We Use Broeker's Flour." It was made by Northwood and has the basketweave pattern on the exterior. Ten to twelve of these amethyst plates are known to exist.

For many years it was not known where this plate came from, but then in August of 2008, Dean and Diane Fry reported on their Carnival 101 website that new information had been located. This plate was made for the Chas. Broeker Co. of Owensboro, KY. They were manufacturers of "The Flour that Bakes," and also advertised "White Corn Goods." Chas. moved to Owensboro in 1893 and started Chas. Broeker & Co. Milling Company at 108 Crittenden St. He was born in 1858 and died about 1932. His home was located at 206 Phillips Court in Owensboro.

Updated 11/22/2022