Brocaded Roses (Paradise), Fostoria

Last updated 10/31/2021

The white Brocaded Roses candleholder shown at left is courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker.

Marian Hartung listed this pattern and Brocaded Summer Gardens as separate patterns. We now know that they were both from the same pattern line called Paradise.

Article on Brocaded Patterns

Hartung Book Nine: Brocaded Roses

Bowl, Console, rolled edge
Green, 225 (2003)

Bowl, 9-10 inches, banana bowl shape
Pink, 70 (1996)
Green, 275 (2003)

Sandwich tray
Pink, 160 (1998)

Cake plate, 10 1/2 inch. 2 handles
White, 50 (2017)

Compote, 5 inch x 7 1/4 inch
Clear, 45 (2021)