Bird on balcony


I know this has nothing to do with Carnival glass, but I find it just as interesting. We live in a condo building in Evanston (first burb north or Chicago) and I've been feeding little sparrow or finch type birds for the better part of a year. They love the little seeds I put on the balcony rail but fly off when I approach the window. Sometimes we get a flock of one hundred or more at one time.

One day recently, January, 2022, they were all gone and I saw this somewhat larger guy sitting there. As none of the little birds were around, my suspicions were aroused as I later saw him eating something further down the railing, possibly a mouse.

I walked out and this guy wasn't a bit intimidated and I got to within a couple of feet of him and he didn't leave. The little birds haven't been back since.

I checked the bird guides and discovered he's an American Kestral, a bird of prey.