Berheimer Brothers, Millersburg

From The Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Lettered Pieces, by John Resnik, 1989.

"Bernheimer was one of the first discount department stores in America. Established in 1884, it grew rapidly through the use of cut-rate prices and clever advertising ploys. On March 16, 1908 they moved from their original facility at 300 West Lexington, into a new six story building at 302-306 West Fayette St., Baltimore, Maryland. Among the innovative features of the new building was a 600 seat restaurant (FULL COURSE DINNERS $.19), a bowling alley, a vaudeville theater (ADMISSION $.05), and cows being milked by electronic milking machines to guarantee freshenss!

In 1923 Bernhiemer merged with Leader Stores and became Bernheimer-Leader; that group in turn was sold to May Co. Stores in Sept., 1927 for seven million dollars. The store exists in Baltimore today, but alas, the cows are long gone."

A note from David Doty in 2018: Between 1910 and 2005 May purchased or merged with a huge number of other stores and was that year purchased by Federated Department Stores for $11 billion dollars. In 2006 most of the May stores were renamed Macy's.

This special-order bowl was made from Millersburg's Many Stars pattern and has the words "Bernheimer Brothers" around the central 5-pointed star. It measures about 10 inches across. Known only in these blue ruffled bowls.

Hartung Book Five: Bernheimer Bowl

Blue, 900, 1,500, 1,750 (all 2021),
   1,600, 2,500 (both 2022)

Blue, electric, 9,000 (2005)

Updated 11/17/2022