Banded Diamonds & Bars, Inwald
According to Glen and Stephen Thistlewood in their book, A Century of Carnival Glass, this pattern was made by Joseph Inwald of Czechoslovakia. The pattern is found in three sizes of tumblers, a stemmed sherbet, and the oval water pitcher shown. The first reported, it sold at auction in 2011 for $450.

This group, sold as a cider set in 2014, though it is actually a water set, brought $275. At the same auction, a wine decanter sold for $155. Also at the same auction, a set of four tumblers, listed as juice glasses and 3 inches tall, sold for $45 each.

In 2016, a set similar to the one above, or perhaps the same one, sold for $250.

In 2021. a single marigold tumbler sold for $70.

This 10-inch marigold vase sold in 2020 for $160.
Photo courtesy of Seeck auctions.

Last updated 10/30/2021