August Flower Shade, Imperial
This gaslight shade in smoke on the left is quite unusual. I've never seen another. Courtesy of Steve Morrow. The lamp above with a marigold shade sold in 1993 for $125. In 1997, a marigold shade sold for $70, although it wasn't indicated whether it was the gaslight or electric lamp version. In 2009, a marigold shade attached to a lamp sold for $50.

In 2010, a set of three small shades in marigold sold for $45.

In 2014, a green shade listed as August Flower sold for $70 and an amber one sold for $45. In 2016, an electric version in amber with a tiny edge chip brought $35.

In 2018, a gas style shade in marigold brought $250, and electric shade in green went for $200, and an electric shade in marigold sold for $190.

In 2019, an August Flower gas shade in marigold, sold for $80.

In 2021, an electric shade like that on the right, in marigold, sold for $110.

Hartung Book Four: August Flower

Updated 3/22/2022