Astral Shade, Northwood

Updated 8/8/2021

I had no idea who made this shade until Paul Kirk pointed out that it's shown in a reprint of a Northwood ad in Harry Northwood, The Wheeling Years, 1901-1925.

In 2010, a pair of marigold shades listed as Astral sold for $45 and in 2013 a single marigold example sold for $10.

In 2018, a marigold Astral shade listed as electric style brought $90. Also in 2018, two marigold gas shades sold for $25 each.

In 2019, an Astral shade listed as gas style, in marigold, sold for $60.

In 2020, an electric style shade in marigold sold for $75 and a gas style in marigold sold for $70. Also in 2020, a shade, unspecified in size, sold for $35.

In 2021, two gas shades in marigold sold for $40.

Hartung Book Ten: Astral