Aramis, Dunbar
Aramis is one of those patterns that has been seen sporadically for years yet nobody could quite identify it. The general shape of all the pieces is of a series of horizontal stacked pancake-like shapes. Often identified as "Roll."

King Hoppel and I had been discussing it for a while and he said it would be worth looking at a Dunbar Glass Company catalog as he had a hunch they had made such a pattern. King was able to obtain a 1938 monograph which did show a number of items that were clearly this unusual pattern. A section from the catalog is shown above next to a JIP vase from King's collection.

Another image from the Dunbar monograph and photo from King Hoppel showing the similarity of an actual pitcher to one in the catalog. King thinks of this shape as "Michelin Man" after the TV commercial of a man made of Michelin tires.
This reprint shows several Dunbar vases including the "bubbles" example as shown in King's photo on the right.
There are many similar patterns. This marigold water set with the rings of heavier marigold around the circumference of the separate rolls sold in 2017 for $25.

Also see Melon Rib

Another take on the Roll pattern. This five-piece set is light marigold. It brought just $25 in 2020, in part because of a crack where the handle attaches to the pitcher.

In 2022, a 4 1/2-inch jack in the pulpit vase in marigold sold for $25.

Updated 5/5/2022