Adam's Rib, #900, Diamond
According to Carl O. Burns, in his 1999 book Dugan & Diamond Carnival Glass, Adam's Rib was introduced in 1925, bridging the gap between Carnival and Stretch Glass. The pattern is characterized by thin vertical ribs extending up from a squat pedestal base. There is a thin plain band around the pieces toward the top.

The pattern in found in mugs (like the ice green example shown here), lemonade pitchers, covered candy jars, compotes, fan vases, and several other shapes, mostly in ice green, celeste blue, but occasionally in marigold.

The ice green mug or lemonade shown here sold at the 2009 Lincoln Land Carnival Glass Club auction for $55. One in ice green brought $20 in 2010; another $50 in 2012. A similar one in celeste blue sold in April, 2004, for $104. In 2019, a mug in pastel blue sold for $40 and one in pastel green sold for $45--though they were listed as tumblers.

Tom Garvey sent me this photo of his marigold on milk glass candlesticks. At the time I couldn't identify the pattern, but Greg Dilian filled me in that they are Dugan/Diamond's Adams Rib and shown in William Heacock's Dugan/Diamond book.

In 2015, a pair of Adam's Rib candlesticks in marigold on milk glass (like these) sold for $525. A rare item.

In 2020, a pair of candlesticks in marigold sold for $30.

Also in 2021, Dick and Sherry Betker showed a light blue opal vase with ruffled top on the HOC daily mailing list.

At the 2013 Texas Carnival Glass convention auction, this 7-piece water set in celeste blue sold for $850. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.

In 2020 a water pitcher and single tumbler in celeste blue sold for $300,

In 2021, a set of six celeste blue handled goblets sold for $55.

In 2014, this celeste blue covered candy jar sold for $130. A rare item. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.
In 2016, this Adam's Rib compote in ice green sold for $30. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.
In 2016, this 8 3/8-inch Adam's Rib footed plate in ice green sold for $65. Interestingly, it was attributed to Northwood. Photo courtesy of Burns Auctions.

Last updated 7/29/2021