Wide Panel Stretch, Fenton, Imperial, Northwood
This name cannot be applied to any particular pattern. It has come into use by Carnival Glass auctioneers to describe the Wide Panel pattern with stretch-type iridescence. Two red bowls like that on the left sold in 2019 for $40 and $45.The plate on the right is a chop plate, 11 inches in diameter. It sold in 2019 for $100. The regular plates are 8 1/2 to 9 inched in diameter. Three of these sold in 2019 for $40, $50 and $75.
This vase is much like other Wide Panel vases, but with a stretch iridescence. It is in the celeste color and is 10 5/8 inches tall. It sold for $215 in 2018.

Updated 12/5/2019